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Monthly Archives: July 2010


Umm… I think you’re doing it wrong…

Me, an oversharer? no….

I like to share random thoughts for shits & giggles. Hehehe! «— whoa…wait… what was that?!? WHO giggles when they shit? ;0)

half credit

Today I am… Well… I am wearing underwear, that has to count for something.

why no one uses the white crayon…

I am pretty sure… No, I am actually positive that the lady I just talked to is about as useless as a white crayon!

Of course I’m sure that I’m sure it fits lady!! You trying to talk me out of it now that I’ve owned it for 3 years?!?


I HAD A THOUGHT!!! No… Wait. False Alarm.

Definitely not ‘kid-tested or mother-approved’!!!

Hmmm… If I were a Jessica doll, I wonder what my ‘catch-phrases’ would be when you pull the string in my back?…

REAL mature J…

I still giggle when the ketchup farts!! 😛

Thought Children Were Impressionable?

Has anyone else ever thought about this fact: The tooth fairy teaches us to sell our body parts for money…?!

Ummm…. Hellllllllllo?

Wondering if my hair ties are in the same place as all my missing socks?!? Same gnome I think! That Bastard….

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