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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Kids games

When sitting across from someone on another laptop I always want to say “you sank my battleship!”

Smaller wave

So if a group of midgets does “the wave” is it actually called a ripple?

New calendar event!

I’ve decided that Pay Day is no longer such. I’m now affectionately calling it “Exchange Day” Since technology and online banking has made it so convenient for me to see where I was teased with $$$ I was “compensated” for my blood, sweat, & tears and it was subsequently ”re-distributed” and I’m left with nothing to show except blood, sweat, & tears…


I am not available in some areas and may not be suitable for all audiences. Parental discretion is advised.

reverse ransom

I dare someone to kidnap me!! As soon as my meds wear off, they’ll pay me to leave

oh man…

I’m thinkin’ it’s a problem when even the voices in my head require me to press 1 for English…

Thank you Captain Obvious

Oh no! Your tire’s all flat and junk. Oh did I do that? Here. let me get my cellular out…call you a wrecker…Oh shoooot, I got no phone..`Cause I’m a pothole…Soooo…..’kay bye!”

Something’s fishy

Can’t talk right now… I’m busy making my neighbors think I’m underwater by dangling a fish in the window.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Paging Dr.Daniels… Dr.Jack Daniels. Your assistance is needed.

all but yours right?…

Pretty sure Definitely sure that the idea of brand-new, freshly out-of-the “VAG” babies being “cute” is completely lost on me!!

A little courtesy helps us all!

People, I ASSURE you no one has ever died from walking a few extra feet to put their shopping cart into the designated area!!!!!


I hope that if I ever have to defend myself against an attacker that I’m as successful at purposely inflicting injury upon them as I am accidently injuring myself!

the beeeeep that doesn’t…

Anyone else wonder why we stay and wait for the microwave to finish so it doesn’t beep even though the reason it beeps is so we don’t have to sit there and wait?…

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