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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Mind Reader

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is No, I don’t carry around a bottle of funny dust with me. This shit is natural. Believe it? I know… NATURAL! I hardly believe it myself.

What’s on your mind?

Ever wonder if the person next to you is thinking about tacos?…

Don’t Try This at Home

I spontaneously bust out my sweet, sweet ninja skills on the ground and other solid objects. I am a trained professional, it was only staged to look like an accident.

Demographical Logic

Southern Woman = Southern Belle …so… Mexican Woman = Taco Bell?

Passing the Buck

I want a monkey so that when I get mad and throw my poop I have someone to blame it on.

Lobotomy Please…

Cerebrovascular-weather-barometer-telling-device-thingy (yes that is a very technical term) say: “weather change is happening NOW!”


Yes. I speak 3 languages fluently: English, Sarcasm, and Profanity

Top of my Lungs

Choose your words carefully, they might just remind me of a song that needs to be sung.

Anatomy Lesson: 5th Metatarsal & Phalanges

Affectionately known as: your Pinky Toe, Little Toe, or Baby Toe… Has extra nerve endings and no purpose whatsoever except to find furniture in a dark room.

Cheeky Irony in squished-vocabulary

HippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobiaThe fear of long words. Is literally the hippopotamus– and monster-related fear of very long words.

  • An extension of sesquipedalian with monstrum “monster” and a truncated, misspelled form of hippopotamus, intended to exaggerate the length of the word itself and the idea of the size of the words being feared; combined with phobia. Hippopoto-Monstro-sesquipedalio-phobia
  • It is unlikely that this 15-syllable contrivance is ever used purely for its meaning as it is an extension to exaggerate the meaning and ”create irony” 
  • The term sesquipedaliophobia is recognized in formal writing, while the four-syllable phrase “fear of long words” is certainly worth considering

“Case of the Mondays” – Typo of the Week….. way to fail.

"What Were You Thinking?!"

Dear Mom: Now that I’m an adult, I will answer this question… Obviously, I was thinking I was going to get away with it.  

Why Waste It?

No, I really don’t have to be so sarcastic but then again… I was born with this gift, I feel I should use it.


So if a Duck’s “quack” doesn’t echo, what about it’s fart?!

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