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Daily Archives: December 22, 2010

Your OCD is relapsing when…

A good friend posts a cute picture of her cat watching TV and your comment is: “OMG!! Where is your mattress pad, sheets and comforter?! Your bed is NAKED on Facebook!!!”

Dear Fat Man

for next year, I think I’m going to need you to clearly define what types of things constitute getting onto the “naughty list” or the “nice list” so I can better control the outcome. Just sayin’
Sincerely, a NICE girl (despite your incorrect assessment)

Santa Baby

There is a reason we teach our kids not to talk to strangers. Yet there you go plopping your kid on some creeper’s lap for a picture every Christmas! Betcha he takes copies home…

Dear Fortune Cookie

You’re full of shit.

"We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone…"

Bars have the good sense to cut people off… McDonald’s should institute a similar rule.

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