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Better than anti-depressants! … Sort of.

It’s like screaming fire in my living room.

Whenever I am somewhere in the house doing anything and I hear my all-time favorite commercial come on TV I literally have to drop everything I am doing to run in and watch it. It’s like crack. Except not whack. And I wouldn’t sell myself for it. Probably. Well maybe I would if the TV simultaneously popped out cups of Dippin Dots ice cream at me because THOSE are actually almost the same as crack.

Apparently I am alone in this feeling or at least Lobster and his buddies tell me I am but seriously, how can you miss your favorite commercial?! It would be like depriving me of my daily chocolate dose or my Sanity-Slurpees.

For real thouh y’all, I don’t know who Geico pays for their PR and Marketing but they are certainly getting their money’s worth because 2 of my favorite commercials belong to them and I come running to watch every.single.fucking.time they air. Every time.

And yes I am an adult, I just don’t act like one. (Lobster made a stupid ass point about how only children run in to watch stupid shit and then I might have gotten a little defensive and said something like “oh yeah well only losers like to eat Fritos and Worchestershire sauce together… no one can even pronounce that shit) So anyway, I don’t act like an adult. Very often. Except when I need to tell little kids that if they pee on the toilet seat the toilet fairy will know and find them in their sleep and steal their genitals and devour them like a sandwich. A delicious, genital-y sandwich. (genital-y? I don’t know I just made that shit up)

My all-time favorite: Wweeeeeeeeee!!!!

And also, my other favorite… basically I don’t get shit done because I’m always running to watch commercials.


UPDATED: I can’t believe I almost forgot… so I was telling my sister how much I lOVE, LOVE, LOVE the little piggy commercial and she told me she heard someone had it as a ringtone. Ringtone?!? DUH!!!! Holy.monkey.balls. I NEEEEED this right?!?! So apparently you can download that shit for free from Geico!!! Here it is in case you also love this commercial as much as I do (or any of their others because they are ALL there)

5 responses to “It’s like screaming fire in my living room.

  1. mrtl March 4, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Oh you funny. Ermey is a weakness for me, too. He did Spongebob (jail warden) so I was THRILLED to see the commercial to show them.

    It takes all my strength not to use “numbnuts” around them when the commercial comes on.


  2. Penelope Tsaldari March 4, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    You never miss a beat girl! Absolutely adore your blog. Love your writing voice. Wanna see ya on TV with your own show now a.s.a.p! I mean it! This is pure entertainment!

    • theBLogMuSe March 4, 2011 at 10:56 pm

      Oh Penelope!! Thank you!! I adore you back.

      P.S. I like to think I would rock the shit out of Oprah’s cult world! Except she’s got a much larger following and if she told people to drive into a wall, they would do it without question because she’s like a female L. Ron Hubbard without the creepy factor. But my peeps would just laugh at me if i said to do something like that because we all know I lost my sanity somewhere between Lofthouse cookies and Maggie Moo’s ice cream. Damn.

      • Penelope Tsaldari March 6, 2011 at 9:39 pm

        Do me a fav… tape this one and email it to me so I can post it. We’ve got to get you up front – in their face! Your like crack cocaine now – I gotta have it! Its to good and I want to share it with the freakin world.
        After I read your blog, I always feel better! That’s my point! Right there! You make me feel better! hahahah… Is there any way for me to share your blogs on my fb? I’m to exhausted to search. Please let me know;

      • theBLogMuSe March 7, 2011 at 3:29 pm

        You can ABSOLUTELY share me on facebook, twitter, digg, reddit, stumble upon, etc…!!!!!!!

        At the bottom of each post there is a “Share This Shit” button that expands your options if you click on it. I used to have them all visible without the click but honestly, it kinda junked up the post and made it look cheap…?? And you know we can’t have that here because we’re CLASSY damnit.

        Also, I have a facebook fan page. look for it. like it. Then share it!! 🙂

        Now go forth and share young one, it is up to you to save the world. or something.

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