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They’ve thought of everything

Really?? As if the world wasn’t already full of people taking Prozac instead of addressing their REAL issues. (not that some crazies don’t actually need the prozac… I’m just saying, we seem to like it better than facing reality)

Now instead of addressing your own insecurity and trust issues or some very, very unhealthy S&M-like fetishes… You can throw your man into a CHASTITY BELT!!! oh yeah that’s right girls a freakin’ chastity belt for your guy.

Don’t worry, the logistics of urinating have been addressed apparently so it’s all good. As for the possibility of infections? They didn’t address that part and only someone as OCD as I am would even take this as far as worrying about that… However, you can rest assured that comfort ha been proven because some men have even been quoted on the testimonials part of the site saying “The CB-6000 is so comfortable that I sleep and go to work with it on!” ummmm…. I’m not so sure about that but the entire idea really creeps me out. IN A BIG WAY. Blech.

Is there anything they haven’t thought of yet? How about reinstating the institution of marriage and making it as hard for heterosexual couples to get married as they have for the LGBT community??

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