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And THIS is probably why my friends wish they could have me killed

Conversation with my best friend “H”

BM: Hey stranger! How’s it?

H: I’m sick…meh.

BM: Oh man. Sorry! Got the poops?

H: No a cold.

BM: A cold with the poops?

H: No ya dope, just a cold.

BM: Ohhhh I get it. You NEED to poop! Maybe if you poop you’ll feel better!

H: You’re a dork

BM: A dork who poops and isn’t sick! I think I might be on to something….


BM: See? You miss me dontcha?! ;0)

H: You Betcha

BM: Yessss!!!! I knew it. They all said you didn’t but I was positive that you still love me even if I did leave a booger in your minivan.

H: booger?

BM: Nevermind that. What’s for dinner?

(and p.s. “BM” stands for BLogMuSe… That’s ME!!…. NOT bowel movement sickos…)

Bumper Pull

Growing up in Colorado, I learned early on that bitter-cold winters mixed with fancy, shiny, chrome bumpers on pick-up trucks are imperative to a girl’s development of strong leg muscles and “hovering skills”

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