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And Now I Know What A Pussy-Punch Is

C: I was waiting at the gas station to get gas and this lady in a big diesel cuts me off to get to the pump. The pump doesn’t even have diesel! That dumb bitch.

Me: Wow. Sounds like a hectic day getting gas.

C: It was! I wanted to… I wanted to yell at her. And then… Pussy-punch her.

Me: Whoa there killer. Really?

C: Yeah I know. Have you ever wanted to pussy-punch someone?!

Me: No, thats not exactly a practice that I regularly partake in.

…Yeah. Welcome to my marriage. But now that you mention it… I could think of a bitch or two that could use a good blow to the vag. After all, it seems like it would knock some sense into them. Crazy bitches.

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