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Follow the leader

I think paranoid people are following me.

the beeeeep that doesn’t…

Anyone else wonder why we stay and wait for the microwave to finish so it doesn’t beep even though the reason it beeps is so we don’t have to sit there and wait?…

Passive Optimism…

Make no mistake. My glass is most certainly half-full. I’m just not certain if it’s applejuice or pee in there sometimes…

Because it itches if you don’t!

Shit happens. You just wipe your ass and move on.


I say: tomato, you say: tomato… yeah doesn’t really make much sense when you read it… ahhh hell

Fat Scouts

WARNING! Thin Mints are not diet food!

Wrong Gear

I finally got my ass in gear… Too bad it’s in reverse… :L

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